Gta 5 riot van

By Candice. Will work in speedo, corspeedo, policet, and police4 slots. For the van version Your using. AI not using lights and sirens was resolved by setting sirensettings to 13 in carvariations.

Original Version is unlocked all updates and improved versions are locked. Released September 30, Note: editing your vehicles. Posted by CandiceSeptember 21, Posted October 18, If only I could get these vans to work For some reason adding them to another file isn't working for me.

Posted October 19, After doing a bunch of troubleshooting, I have discovered that this van crashes my game. No clue why or what is happening. I then renamed the Speedo vans you had to create new car names, and added them into the mod file you posted. Some vehicles just don't seem to like being added on.

So I'm not sure what the issue is either. Which is too bad because I really like the look of these vans and the LS Hydro one as well. Posted October 20, Posted October 21, edited. Posted October 21, Posted October 22, The prisoner transport works fine though.

Posted October 22, edited. Posted October 24, Posted October 26, edited. So I downloaded the uploaded version of this vehicle, first I tried to install the unmarked edition what gave me the weirdest livery ever, so then I swapped the file for the transport version, but when I try to spawn that, it says the vehicle is spawned but it doesnt spawn. Im using this van since the beginning but it seems that the latest update made a mess of the files Maybe a idea to organize it first before releasing it?The Police Riot is mainly based on the Lenco Bearwith smaller elements of smaller off-road based armored trucks, such as the stepsides and the side bars.

gta 5 riot van

It is also based, on a lesser extend, to the International Seriesdue to the van-style design and roof, which has some resemblance to that of the Stockade. Because of its use as a law-enforcement vehicle, the Police Riot features bullet-proof armor and netting, the side windows are also shatter-proof, but not completely bullet-proof.

It also possesses a LED lightbar and small lights on both ends of the vehicle. The rear features two small holes that seem to possess the use of riot gear like tear gas, which cannot be functioned.

gta 5 riot van

It is likely the successor of GTA IV's Enforcersince both are used by the same law enforcement agency, shares almost the same design and are manufactured by Brute. They also share the same engine sounds, top speeds, acceleration times, and chassis design. Also, a glitch involving wheel textures or their inserts exists on both of the trucks, implying it was simply copied over to GTA V. The only change is the square-shaped hood and the ability to carry more personnel on its sides.

The Police Riot possesses an average top speed for a truck or sedan, being around the mph mark. Since it weighs several tons, acceleration is abysmal, as it can take up to 10 seconds to reach an average speed. Braking is acceptable, while needed to make quick arrests and blockades. The wide wheelbase provides good lateral stability, although it does not take corners fast enough to truly test this.

The Police Riot is double-wheeled at the rear, to help hold its large capabilities of weight. The truck carries a simple front-engine, rear wheel drive layout.

It otherwise shares the same capabilities as the Stockade. The engine model appears to be a twin-cam Inline-4, lacking a turbocharger found on many of the other trucks sharing this model. The engine sounds as a high revving engine, creating a significantly smooth sound when compared to other large trucks, such as the Phantom and Packer in the game.

The main advantages for the Police Riot are its mass and overall power, being tough enough to withstand heavy gunfire and many head-on collisions. It can withstand most gunfire for sustained periods and even a sticky bomb won't destroy it unless it is in contact or directly underneath the vehicle.

Molotovs and gasoline are ineffective against it. Only multiple grenades can deal any damage. RPG shots and tank shells can instantly destroy it, however. Trying to kill occupants while they are still inside is a lost cause, as all windows are bulletproof from the outside, making it a great vehicle to steal and use during high wanted levels if it is available. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Dashboard View.

Police Riot

A Police Riot with lights and sirens activated. Rear quarter view.The Police Transporter's design is based on a passenger version of the second generation Burritoissued for law-enforcement purposes.

The vehicle is fitted with several protective parts, including a bullbar, barred windows and bulletproof windshield. The Police Transporter also has Dark Smoke window tint applied as default.

As its name implies, the vehicle is intended for transporting police officers to where it is required. However, the vehicle is only seen in roadblocks and rarely pursues the player.

While the Police Transporter's performance appears to be roughly similar to that of the Burritoit gains raised suspensions, making it easy to control over uneven terrains and rarely loses balance when taking corners. It also has slightly better acceleration.

Police Transporter

The vehicle is more protective for the occupants thanks to its window platings and bulletproof windshield, allowing to survive higher wanted levelsespecially Police SUVs and roadblocks, since these are usually deadly for the player if stops near them. However, one must be aware that the side platings leaves small gaps, which are not bulletproof and will shatter like normal windows. Drive-By Shooting on a Police Transporter will not be easy, as the bullets will be blocked by the side door platings, but not by the windshield or the rear doors.

Also, the player is unable to select thrown weapons or even the Fistas the covered windows blocks the spots. The Transporter appears to be powered by a transversely laid, single overhead camshaft Inline-4, coupled to a 5-speed gearbox in a front engine, rear wheel drive layout. The sound emitted when at idle and accelerating sounds like a typical low-revving diesel engine, roughly similar to other vans.

It also shares the same engine model as the Yougaalbeit with more detail. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Dashboard View. A Police Transporter with lights and sirens activated. Rear quarter view. Franklin escaping from the police in a Carbonizzarewith a Police Transporter in the background.

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gta 5 riot van

Related topics. Sports Classics. Open Wheel. Beta Vehicles.The RCV is a long truck with emergency lights surrounding it two light bars on the grille, three square lights on either sides and other two light bars on the rear enda large plow and four doors with small ports on them.

Its lights and windows are fitted with a meshed protection screen. The cabin allows four occupants and two more passengers can hang on the sides of the vehicle, while the rear box is basically intended for the water tank. The interior is the basic truck interior with the corresponding truck analog dials and there appears to be fake lamps on the rear end. It is largely implied in the game that the RCV is meant to be used by private security companies being used by Gruppe Sechs personnel during the preparation " Riot Control Van "even though it feature sirens and emergency lights.

Riot-control vehicles in real-life are generally operated by the city's police department. The RCV performs similarly to most armored trucks in the game, although it is much quicker in acceleration and maneuverable, similar to the Brickade. The RCV's plow is most effective on law enforcement vehicles, especially when hit from the side, as it will be either pushed very far often giving the RCV a small boostflipped over, or sent airborne with enough force.

This will not work on civilian vehicles as it will only decrease momentum upon impact. The RCV is resilient to bullets in general, but can be easily destroyed by a single explosive although it can resist a few explosive rounds from the Heavy Sniper Mk II [ vague ]making it a decent choice for transport and getaways. However, the player can easily be shot out of the vehicle if they're facing gunfire as the windows are not bullet-proof despite the meshing on the windows, unlike the Police Riot.

Like the Fire Truckthe RCV features a water cannon that can be used by the driver with an option to add a passenger-operated water cannon. The water from it can go through doors without opening them, spraying and pushing back those behind.

However, their effectiveness are the same as the Fire Truck's, making the RCV a poor choice on combat situations. Although the player still cannot make use of weapons while driving the vehicle, the action button that normally changes weapons now gives the water cannon a unique tracking functionality; by holding it, the water cannon tracks nearby vehicles occupied or not within a small radius more or less 15m without having to move the camera.

This seems to work on a 90 degree coverage, relative to the vehicle's front meaning any vehicle past the 45 degrees from a side will be simply ignored. This also applies to the passenger water cannon. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto Vplease see here.

If you were confronted with a baying mob would you have the courage to stand up to them? How about if you were inside an armor-plated truck equipped with a water cannon and riot control plow? Stand tall, stand proud. The RCV is the quiet support your fearless conviction needs. Please note: This vehicle must be stored in a personal facility and can be modified at the Facility Vehicle Workshop.Though they were not perfect, the Congressional Budget Office's predictions about Affordable Care Act enrollment and costs were still reasonably accurate, according to an analysis by The Commonwealth Fund.

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gta 5 riot van

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Police Riot

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